It's not the time to be sad Australia.

It's the scariness of the impending doom of Saturday that approaches us. Lives and homes lost. But amidst the chaos, there's something really beautiful that's blossomed.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t have the will to work hard today. I didn’t want to execute my new years business plans knowing that fathers, sons and fighters couldn’t even make it to 2020. And knowing that thousands are displaced due to the cruelty of our government and lack of climate action. 

But, Scott Morrison, I can agree with you on one thing.

Let’s stop blaming. I mean I am never going to forget the funding cuts on the RFS, the immense delayed action from the government when they were constantly reminded of how gargantuan these fires were and still chose to take a rightly entitled holiday at the worst time ever. 

But after speaking to a close colleague of mine, there was one thing that stuck out to me. Hell, it re-energised me. He said ‘Mariam, it’s not a time to be sad. Now is the time to find ways to be there for eachother and showcase the true resilience our fellow Australians entail. It’s something you can’t find in any other country’. 

I’ll try not to be too biased and patriotic, but I have never seen such selfless communities who take in complete strangers just because they can’t stand to see another fellow human struggle. 

We might not have a consistent Government. We might be in complete shambles with our climate policies. 

But we were never a country that gave up when it all got too much. When we know there’s a problem, we will use homemade DIY tools to fix it. We’ll put our own lives on the line to save others. 

Just in February 2019 after the Queensland Floods, we collectively came together and raised donations more than $6.7 million, in just the two weeks since it was launched.

We entered 2020 by raising over $900,000 in one night at the controversial NYE Sydney Fireworks. 

A GoFundMe set up with a goal of $25,000 raised over $2.3 million in donations. This was created to assist the bushfire-affected koalas. 

Tomorrow is set to be one of the deadliest days in Australian history.

And whilst we brace and prepare for a sad day, I’d like to remind you of the biggest blessings we have. Amidst damage, chaos and displacement we have each other. 

And I for sure am okay with that. Because communities are what make big changes happen. People. Not just governments.

I encourage you to continue these wave of generosity and concern. Please find the link to donate to the RFS here.

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