Wagga Beach wins 9th place as Australia's Best Beach

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘is the 5’oclock actually real?’ To much surprise, it’s not. 
image provided by Visit Wagga Wagga.

Maybe you’re thinking, ‘is the 5’oclock actually real?’ To much surprise, it’s not. 

But that didn’t stop Brad Farmer, An Australian Beach Expert to pick Wagga Wagga as the first inland river to be the 9th best Australian Beach. 

‘It’s time we extend the meaning of a beach given there are so many aquatic environments across Australia’s interior’ Says Mr Farmer. 

After travelling around the world for over 35 years, researching and corresponding with academics to pick the best beaches, there’s one thing that Mr Farmer believes in more than anything. It’s that beaches are a place that ‘socially connect rural and remote communities in often dusty and dry remote conditions’. 

He also acknowledges and appreciates that much before European settlement, sites of ancient water bodies were often meeting places to gather and unite communities.

Though this decision has been deemed controversial, He stands by his call to recognise the river as a beach. He believes that not including ‘in land beaches is to exclude non - coastal Australians’. This decision has been backed by many academics and beach - goers.

The Mayor of the City of Wagga Wagga, Councillor Greg Conkey also joyfully says that ‘Wagga Beach on a sunny, summer day rarely has a patch of sand free as visitors and locals enjoy a splash in the Murrumbidgee River…’ 

To many, the Wagga Beach has always been an iconic place in Wagga. Not just because of its unique name, but rather its ability to have such an impact on this City. Constant upgrades and further investment in this premise have made it a people pleaser and loved by all families. 

Councillor Greg Conkey also supports Mr Farmers list as Wagga Beach ‘is certainly worth celebrating’. 

Below is the list of Beaches that have been picked as the 20 Best Australian Beaches of 2020. 

  1. Cabarita (NSW)
  2. Currumbin (QLD)
  3. Minnamurra (NSW)
  4. Maria Island (TAS)
  5. Cape Tribulation (QLD)
  6. Brighton Beach (VIC)
  7. Bettys Beach (WA)
  8. South Port Beach (SA)
  9. Wagga Beach (NSW)
  10. Lake McKensie (QLD)
  11. The Basin, Rottnest Island (WA)
  12. Fingal Bay (NSW)
  13. Smiths Beach (WA)
  14. Neds Beach, Lord Howe Island (NSW)
  15. Quobba Station Red Bluff (WA)
  16. Cossies Beach (IOT)
  17. Lake Tyers Beach (VIC)
  18. Diamond Head (NSW)
  19. Pondalowie (SA)
  20. Killiecrankie Beach, Flinders Island (TAS)

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