Why you should care about Wagga’s transport.

You've seen us talking a lot about trains. But there's an even bigger reason behind it.

You’ve probably seen media articles urging for at least wifi on our train service and more camera surveillance for better security, prior to the new fleet arriving in 2023. I mean it’s not such a big ask, so why is it taking 3 years for anything to happen? And if we can't have our say about quick upgrades now, then we sure should have a say on what we are to expect for 2023, right? 

Here's a few things you should know prior to reading further;

'we're going to have charge points where you can charge your iPhone and they're Wi-Fi enabled,' said Transport Minister Mr Andrew Constance.

So that's great news.

It means for 3 years we have to wait for a service that we should most likely have, now. The demand for train services has spiked rapidly in the past year.

Currently Wagga Wagga, a city in NSW, entails a population of 67,673. The goal is to reach 100,00 by 2038. The growth of Wagga (at the moment) is at an annual rate of 1.2%. The city will continue to grow by 13,311 people between 2019 and 2036.

As per the Wagga Wagga City Council's Integrated Transport Strategy Report, 'The city of Wagga Wagga is the largest retail,commercial, administrative and population centre in the Riverina region and a central hub of services provision to a catchment of over 185,000 people.'

In saying this, the growth that is already happening right before our eyes means that there will be a higher demand for travel. People visiting from all over Australia and people travelling for business. Our prices for flights start from $200 to $500 one way. And for many, the train is the most suitable option. No one really likes to drive in the city and pay for parking. Which is understandable. If there is not enough efficient transport, people will not be inclined to come to Wagga. It’s that simple. With more people coming, it means more unique experiences, innovative ideas and projects that we can all benefit from. 

The Cre8tive Co has jumped on this, as our main goal is to showcase creativity and innovation in our hometown of Wagga Wagga. We all are entitled to the same opportunities that metropolitan cities entail. Why? As Loreal says, ‘because you’re worth it’. Each individual deserves the same opportunities as those in a city 5 hours away. And that’s what Australia is. Inclusivity and providing unique opportunities.

No one should have to wait 3 years to gain simple access to Wi-Fi. No one should need to hop onto the train at an unreasonable time. And everyone should feel safe with more security cameras present.

Innovation starts from questioning the norm and bringing solutions to problems. 

Now, do you want to help start the process? We have written to the NSW Transport Team upon many occasions. We even spoke over the phone with confirmation of starting wi-fi on the current fleet. But hey, it’s not going to happen if we just stop budging. Fill out our survey. To have your say.

If you could spare some time from your day, and leave your response about whether you believe Regional XPT Trains should improve prior to the new fleet arriving and what feedback we can give to ensure they adapt those changes in the upcoming fleet, your opinion could be the reason for change in 2019/2020. 

Be a part of the movement and showcase the drive we have. 

We don’t settle for less. 

We want to see what you have to say about this. After collecting raw data from the first hand users of these trains, we will forward this to the NSW Transport team and take it even further if need be. Anything to let our voices be heard. Fill out our survey here. 

Image from http://www.classiccoachworks.com.au/2018/07/26/hello-world/

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