Client name: Raghida 

Type of service: Brand Identity, Media and Website Design

Raghida is a Shamanic Healer based in Byron Bay. She is a renown healer in Singapore, Hong Kong and Egypt. Her expertise is to provide healing, share a new aspect on life to individuals and share practices to live a more holistic life. She engaged our team to create a brand that incorporates her cultural Arabic roots, Shamanism and iconic symbols in the light worker industry. 


Our client wanted to incorporate many aspects into their logo. It is important to ensure that a brand is simple, contextually applied and memorable. After presenting mood boards and unique concepts, our client was close to finalising her ideal brand.

Vision board

Concept 1

The gold was a reflection of the Arabic culture. The eloquent calligraphy was celebrated through the typography choice. The deep red signifies the presence of Mary Magdalen that the client wanted to incorporate. 

Concept 2

We introduced a blue that resembles that of a peacock when it opens its feathers outwards. The peacock is an iconic symbol in the Shamanic tradition.

Concept 3

Final Logo


After finalising the logo, our team commenced professional imagery, video media and website design to coincide with the branding.