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The Goal

Rivzman solutions is an Australian Dental company that provides high quality dental and medical instruments to a wide range of facilities and clinics. It wanted to raise it’s premium products to not be depicted as ‘savy’ to remove the perception that the materials were of less quality. 

Brand Positioning

  • Professional
  • Clean
  • Helpful 

Brand Outcome

Rivzman solutions offers cost effective, quality driven Australian dental and medical appliances.

They are quality driven and work intensively and closely with clients to ensure their needs are being met.

A light colour to depict the professional yet welcoming nature of the brand was always wanted.

Through market research and target audience adaptation we observed that the dental icon was a must to contain in the brand so that it was effectively picked up by the end user.

The gradient also highlights a modern and simplistic approach. This is consistent with healthcare industries. 

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