Sikkay - Startup

Website Mockup of Sikkay
The Goal

This Australian Cryptocurrency start up, launching in Pakistan required strategy, brand development and logo design.

Sikkay is led by an innovative, sophisticated, diverse and honorable team.This crypto based startup requires a sleek, minimalist look which targets their younger audience.

Today's tech logos are ubiquitous, and they lend an air of legitimacy to whatever is being presented.The problem is we don’t always want to perceive corporations as legitimate if they’re not legitimate, or as friendly if they don’t actually have our best interests at heart.

Sikkay’s main business function is that of a cryptocurrency exchange, with an app, website and educational platform.

What we did

The following represents a mood of a current and leading examples of tech brands and what they embody – including being ahead of the game, as well as collaborative brands.

Brand positioning

  • friendly
  • ubiquitous 
  • minimal
  • Tech

The Results

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