Client: Australian Centre of International Agricultural Research 

Type of Service: Package Design 

Our client was working on a strict deadline and did not have a creative brief of what they required for the design of their packaging.  They engaged us to conduct product research, conceptualise, gather Urdu and English speaking copywriters and create a minimal packaging design to showcase the first of it’s kind cold-pressed peanut oil sourced from various regional areas in Pakistan. 


We worked closely with Pakistani Copywriters to translate the English copy accurately. We selected Nastaliq as our main calligraphy hand, as the readers in the areas of Karak and surrounds commonly read this typeface. Nastaliq is used in the Persian and Urdu language. 

After thorough research of the provinces in which this product would be sold and showcased, we identified the target market. Middle to high class families in Pakistan are now leaning towards healthier options as they are introduced to organic produce within Pakistan. In order to engage with this target audience, we incorporated both English and Urdu in the package design. 


Soon after, we delivered the below three concepts. The client selected the concept that displays each region/province distinctively through warm terracotta and grey colours. As each peanut oil has a different taste due to the peanuts being grown in unique soils, we wanted to encapsulate this by giving each region its own identity. The incorporation of warm soils and earthy peanut tones gives a nostalgic feeling when the bottle is noticed from afar.