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Design for Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

An everlasting captivating design that's timeless.

First of it's kind, extra virgin cold pressed peanut oil.

Fertile soils and Golden Produce.

The peanuts grown in Chakwal, Attock and Karak regions (in Pakistan) has allowed for its first extra - virgin, cold-pressed peanut oil that is free from aflatoxins (aflatoxin - free) to be produced for consumers.

The Peanut Co wanted to create peanut oil glass bottles that showcase the premium and healthy nature of their oil. This is in hopes that the product will be sold internationally if the campaign grows successfully.

Each region grows the same breed of peanuts. However, due to the make up of the soil the taste is unique in each region. Due to this, each bottle had to show the distinction between each region and highlight the characteristics of the region implicitly. However the bottles were to remain consistent with The Peanut Co Brand.

Final Design

Study and Research.

Due to the vague understanding of each district we had, we created a mood board and conducted research to analyse the prime characteristics of the regions. Our copywriter had to ensure that both texts in English and Urdu were consistent and had immense meaning. Our Pakistani Designer, Mazhar, co-ordinated with our Australian Designer, Sabina, to ensure the translations were in complete alignment with the consumers who would read the product packaging.

Here are the slogans we adapted after intensive research and understanding what each district was known for:

Chakwal: renowned for its abundant gold class produce

Attock: a high yielding and prolific soil district

Karak: brimming with natural reserves and agriculture

And we did it.

The most challenging component of our design process was the correct adaptation of the Urdu language. It is extremely important that we had used language that resonated with the current demographics of the population - especially those who would be inclined on buying this product. When one translates from English to Urdu directly, the meaning may contain cultural insensitive language or be too direct. Having our international team collaborate with us on this project was essential to understand all perspectives of The Peanut Co's consumers.

We hope to see the agricultural industry flourish. This brings great opportunity to farmers in Pakistan whilst also growing their economy.

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