Client name: Upstartas

Type of service: Brand Identity 

Upstartas is a new startup that was inspired by the abrupt mix between entrepreneurship and adversity. We brainstormed keywords that encapsulate the course offerings that the client is giving viewers and the long term vision of the company. The courses will allow risk taking business owners to learn business and branding through simple bite size strategies amidst their busy lives.

We chose the brand name ‘Upstartas’ as it incorporates the word ‘start up’ and the characteristic of an individual who grows suddenly. Coronavirus has sparked a lot of hesitation and worry in the small business community. Our client noticed this behaviour change, and  wanted to spark optimism within their target audience. 

The target audience is up-beat young business owners who are open to change. To reflect this target audience, we conducted research and created mood boards and concepts around the younger demographic. 

The finalised brand encapsulates the upward action of growing suddenly. We purposefully emphasised on the letter U and P to summarise the company’s vision of assisting as many business owners grow in their business no matter what roadblock is put in front of them.